During the month of February, over 300,000 visitors flood into the city of La Vega every weekend. They come for the carnival celebrations and parade through the streets in demon costumes. However, for the last five years there has been a Christian alternative to the celebrations. United for Him is a series of concerts every Saturday and Sunday in the month of February. The event is free and open to the public. It continues to grow every year, and last year over 3,000 people attended the concerts. 


I have been able to attend the event for two years. I spent a lot of time with the different artists that came each weekend. Each one of them was a strong believer, and each one ministered to the attendees as well as performed. It was a blessing to me and that is why I am partnering with United for Him. Click here to watch more promotional videos for United for Him. Click on the donate tab if you would like to support financially. You can also email me of more ways to become involved. God is moving!!